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Extended ASCII Codes

The term Extended ASCII Codes means the set of codes that extend basic ASCII Codes. The basic ASCII standard includes only 127 characters, see: ASCII Codes. There are numerous extension sets to the basic ASCII Codes used in many languages. The chart below is based on the ISO-8859-1 Standard, or also known as the Latin-1 Standard, which contained characters used by the most common Western European languages.

160A0NBSPNon Breaking Space (hardspace)
161A1Inverted Exclamation Mark
162A2Cent Sign
163A3Pound Sign
164A4Currency Sign
165A5Yen Sign
166A6Broken Bar, or Vertical Bar, or Pipe
167A7Section Sign
169A9Copyright Sign
170AAFeminine Ordinal Indicator
171ABLeft-Pointing Double Angle Quatation Mark
172ACNot Sign
173ADSHYSoft Hyphen
174AERegistrated Sign
176B0Degree Sign
177B1Plus-Minus Sign
178B2Superscript Two
179B3Superscript Threee
180B4Acute Accent
181B5Micro Sign
182B6Pilcrow (Paragraphy) Sign
183B7Middle Dot
185B9Superscript One
186BAMasculine Ordinal Indicator
187BBRight-Pointing Double Angle Quatation Mark
188BCVulgar Fraction One Quarter
189BDVulgar Fraction One Half
190BEVulgar Fraction Three Quarters
191BFInverted Question Mark (Quazzy Mark)
192C0Latin Capital Letter A with Grave
193C1Latin Capital Letter A with Acute
194C2Latin Capital Letter A with Circumflex
195C3Latin Capital Letter A with Tilde
196C4Latin Capital Letter A with Diaeresis
197C5Latin Capital Letter A with Ring Above
198C6Latin Capital Letter AE
199C7Latin Capital Letter C with Cedilla
200C8Latin Capital Letter E with Grave
201C9Latin Capital Letter E with Acute
202CALatin Capital Letter E with Circumflex
203CBLatin Capital Letter E with Diaeresis
204CCLatin Capital Letter I with Grave
205CDLatin Capital Letter I with Acute
206CELatin Capital Letter I with Circumflex
207CFLatin Capital Letter I with Diaeresis
208D0Latin Capital Letter ETH (Icelandic)
209D1Latin Capital Letter N with Tilde
210D2Latin Capital Letter 0 with Grave
211D3Latin Capital Letter 0 with Acute
212D4Latin Capital Letter 0 with Circumflex
213D5Latin Capital Letter 0 with Tilde
214D6Latin Capital Letter 0 with Diaeresis
215D7Multiplication Sign
216D8Latin Capital Letter 0 with Stroke
217D9Latin Capital Letter U with Grave
218DALatin Capital Letter U with Acute
219DBLatin Capital Letter U with Circumflex
220DCLatin Capital Letter U with Diaeresis
221DDLatin Capital Letter Y with Acute
222DELatin Capital Letter Thorn (Icelandic)
223DFLatin Small Letter Sharp s (German)
224E0Latin Small Letter a with Grave
225E1Latin Small Letter a with Acute
226E2Latin Small Letter a with Circumflex
227E3Latin Small Letter a with Tilde
228E4Latin Small Letter a with Diaeresis
229E5Latin Small Letter a with Ring Above
230E6Latin Small Letter ae
231E7Latin Small Letter c with Cedilla
232E8Latin Small Letter e with Grave
233E9Latin Small Letter e with Acute
234EALatin Small Letter e with Circumflex
235EBLatin Small Letter e with Diaeresis
236ECLatin Small Letter i with Grave
237EDLatin Small Letter i with Acute
238EELatin Small Letter i with Circumflex
239EFLatin Small Letter i with Diaeresis
240F0Latin Small Letter eth (Icelandic)
241F1Latin Small Letter n with Tilde
242F2Latin Small Letter o with Grave
243F3Latin Small Letter o with Acute
244F4Latin Small Letter o with Circumflex
245F5Latin Small Letter o with Tilde
246F6Latin Small Letter o with Diaeresis
247F7Division Sign
248F8Latin Small Letter o with Stroke
249F9Latin Small Letter u with Grave
250FALatin Small Letter u with Acute
251FBLatin Small Letter u with Circumflex
252FCLatin Small Letter u with Diaeresis
253FDLatin Small Letter y with Acute
254FELatin Small Letter Thorn (Icelandic)
255FFLatin Small Letter y with Diaeresis

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